Her Excellency Mistress Alyna Wolfstan

(My Bestest Friend, Love of My Life, and Inspiration in All Things I Do)









Alyna Wolfstan’s Personna

I, and my lord husband, Sir John, own and live at Wolfstan Manor located along the River Itchen just north of Southampton, England in the year 1482. Our major source of supplies and money is in the wool industry. We have our wool transported down the river to the English port of Southampton for trade and sell. With Southampton being a major seaport, I am privileged to have access to many styles of clothing, cloth, spices, and news of travels throughout the world. We are currently experiencing the War of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.  Edward IV with the House of York is on the throne. Click on the map below for 15th Century Maps (large file).


When I am not out enjoying watching John practice his warrior skills, I like to spend time crafting and painting silk banners for friends and for the Kingdom.  I also enjoy designing and constructing clothing for myself and my family with the cloth I purchase at the many ports along the River Itchen.   Other areas of interest for me are combat archery, cooking, running or helping with Lists, water bearing, working gate, providing roving security (formerly constabulary) and generally volunteering where needed.  I currently hold the Kingdom Office of Waiver Secretary.  I have served on 4 Royal Retinues,  “mentoring” those members of retinue who have less experience in serving the Crown.

My personal device consists of 3 gold fans on a red bend and two red double roses, all on a blue and silver background. It is emblazoned as: Checky azure and argent, on a bend engrailed between two double roses gules three fans palewise Or (see below).


Our household badge is a combination of John’s howling wolf and my double rose (see below).



SCA History Timeline

Aug 1992         Attended first SCA event, Shakespeare in the Park, Glymm Mere

Dec 1993         Autocrat, Yule Feast, Glymm Mere
Feb 1994         Autocrat, Court of Love, Glymm Mere
May 1994        Order of the Crystal, Glymm Mere baronial service award

Sep 1994         Joined House Persistent, swearing fealty to Earl Sir Strider and Countess Kathryn

Sep 1994         Lady-in-Waiting to Countess Kathryn

Sep 1994         Registered name and device

Oct  1994        Pied Piper Officer, Glymm Mere
Nov 2002        “Chain Gang”, House Persistent service award
Dec 2002         Award of Arms

Jul   2004         Lady-in-Waiting to HRM Dagmaer in Hvassa, Queen of An Tir
Jan 2005          Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Dagmaer

Jan 2005         Goutte de Sang from TRMs Thorin and Dagmaer 

Jun 2006          Snapdragon, Dragon’s Laire baronial service award

Sep 2006         Lady-in-Waiting to HRM Signy Oksendahl, Queen of An Tir

Mar 2007         Apprentice level Archer

Jul  2007          Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Signy

Jan 2009          Lady-in-Waiting to HRM Inga the Unfettered, Queen of An Tir

Jan 2009          Selected for Kingdom Officer, Waiver Secretary

Jul 2009           Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Inga

Jan 2010          Lady-in-Waiting to HRM Adwen Wrenn, Queen of An Tir

Apr 2010         Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Wrenn

Jul 2010           King’s Favor from His Majesty King Owain

Jul 2010           Baroness of the Court

Nov 2010        Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Miranda

Jul 2011          Co-Court Coordinator for TRMs Thorin and Dagmaer 

Aug 2011       Jambe de Lion from TRMs Thorin and Dagmaer  for hand painted silk banners

Aug 2011       Golden Torc, Three Mountains baronial service award 

May 2013       Placed on Vigil for the Order of the Pelican

Jul 2013          Inducted into the Order of the Pelican by TRMs UlfR and Caoimhe



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