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HIstory of the SCA from the Kingdom of the West's pages


"Origins of the SCA" from The History of the Kingdom of the West's website

"History of the Kingdom of the West"

Annotated "History of the West" weblink (PDF format)

Kingdom of the West--Annotated History Project Appendices Misc. Questions

Kingdom of the West--Annotated History--The An Tir Rebellion

First Tournament--Diana Listmaker Caid Wiki Site

Kingdom of the West--First Tournament Webpage Link

First "Lists" Ropes

The "Ancient and Honorable Crowns" of the West

Royal Genealogy of the Known World



Groups and Event Info

SCA--Society for Creative Anachronism

Kingdom of An Tir

Current Royalty of An Tir

Upcoming Events Calendar for the Kingdom of An Tir

Barony of Dragonslaire

Barony of Blatha an Oir

Barony of Madrone

Barony of Glymm Mere



The Knighthood, Chivalry, and Tournaments resource library

SCA Today Website

SCA Today Video Album

Elise and Sir Loren's SCA picture database

THL Talon's SCA Pictures  (Database 1)

THL Talon's SCA Pictures  (Database 2)

Anglesey’s Photo Gallery Link

An Tir Culture Wiki

Canada and US Border Info

Current Middle Ages (

Middle English Dictionary

An Tir College of Heralds

SCA/Mundane Date Conversion

Chivalry Toolbox

Medieval Spell—medieval history resource

Legio Draconis -- Web Links

The Viking Answer Lady

Modar University--included misc information for newcomers

Duramen Website

Lions Road Broadcast


Shoemaking Tips

How to History--How to Make a Braided Flemish Twist Bow String

How to History--How to hand stitch leather


Fighting and Archery

Three Rivers Archery

Northwest Archery

Therion Arms and Armor Resource Links

The Armour Archives

The Arador Armour Library

Northwest Cane Supply in Seattle, WA

HH Perkins Rattan

Illusion Armoring

An Tir Fighters Forum

An Tir Combat Shelf/Links

SCA Chivalry Order of Precedence

Bellatrix Fighting School

Oaks Armoury

Stonekeep Instock Armory

Ashcraft Baker Armor

Windrose Armoury

Shamrock Armoury

Swords and Armor

MyArmoury.Com—shield history information

Northstar Archery

Historical Fighting Manuals

Solid Rivet Source

Leather Unlimited

Tandy Leather

SCA Fighting

 Zweihammer Armoury fighting videos

Black Diamond Metal Arts

Performance Armour

Legio Draconis

Esupply Store Strapping Tape

Economy Athletic Tape

White Wolf Meadery Archery Supplies Armouring Instructions

Arador Armour Library

By the Sword

Lu-Shan's UHMW blunts



Armor Patterns

  1. Zweihammer Armoury--Guantlet Kit Assembly Instructions

  2. Armour Archive-Fingered Gauntlets by Thor Z.

  3. Arador Armour Library-Techniques and Tutorials

  4. Arador Armour Library-Articles and Essays

    Armour Design Webpage-late period armour


Arts and Science

SCA Arts and Science

Kingdom of Atlantia A and S site

Harper House Costuming

M.A.I.L.(Maille Artisans International League)

Footwear of the Middle Ages

Medieval Timeline in Fashion and Events

Costuming by Period

1400–1500 in fashion

Historic Life 15th Century Costuming

15th Century Costuming   

Northwest Blacksmith

Anticlastic Raising

Metal Artist Forum

Creating Anticlastic Curves 

ASW Express Winsor & Newton Gouache

Guilding Info/Supplies

Schmincke Gouache Supplies

 Gothic Poulaines - Making Shoes for SCA arts and Sciences--by CrimsonGriffin

Working with Metal for Jewelry

Making Shoes and Boots

Shoe Sites and Info

Mattyd's Boot Cover How to

The Becket Casket and Champlevé enamelling


Period Camping

Medieval Pavilion Resources


Panther Primitives

Four Dog Stoves

Four Seasons Tentmasters


Forms and Info

Online SCA Membership

SCA waivers

Marshalling Forms

Kingdom of An Tir Forms Page



House of Anoria -- clothing and trim

The Basketman

Maile of the Dreamseeker--chainmaile jewelry

Sir Raymond's Quiet Press

Art Thou Glorious Chain Maille Jewelry

Calontir Trim

Master Grendal's Red Troll Forge

Pillaged Village

Stefan's Florilegium's Archives

Revival US—period wares

Custom Heraldic Designs


Renaissance Store

Celtic Jewelry

 Maile of the Dreamseeker

Drachenstein Treasures 





Members of House Wolfstan

Past Events

House Wolfstan Home Page



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