The Honorable Lord ţorfinnr Kolsson, OGGS







Thorfinn Kolsson’s Personna

I am a Viking explorer from the Orkney Isles where the year is 1050.


I was a confused Viking that recently converted to Christianity from Paganism but could still be seen wearing a Thor's hammer and invoking

the god of thunders name going into battle.  When I am not exploring I practice the craft of blacksmithing.  Knives and swords for the most

part.  This earned me enough to get me by till I next set sail.



SCA History Timeline


Date Unknown—Vulkanfeldt Protector

Oct 2001         Snapdragon  (Dragonslaire 1st level service award)

Oct 2002         Award of Arms

Jan 2004          Grey Goose Shaft

Aug 2004        Wyvern  (Dragonslaire 2nd level service award)

Feb 2007         Became a member of House Wolfstan through an Oath of Fealty with Sir John at the Duramen Love Revel.



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