The Honorable Lady Khulan Shizir



Khulan Shizir’s Personna

Late 11th and Early 12th Century:  Khentii Mountains, Mongolian Homeland


Genghis Khan, is ruler of all the Mongol peoples. Surrounded by his supporters, he has forged an army, an army capable of conquering the

surrounding world. As Genghis Khan expands his influence and empire, Grand Empress Bortë remains behind and assisted Genghis Khan's brother Temuge,

rules the Mongol homeland.


I am Khulan Shizir, in service to the Grand Empress Bortë Ujin, wife to Genghis Khan.


I provide the Khan's Empress Bortë with the best of all I make, I care for her horses and personal leather goods. I am privileged to repair clothing

and armor and make repairs or create new gear and equipment for her horse.


I used the wool from sheep and goats to make my shelter, clothing and felt cloth. Aside from my horses, weapons and cart, my most valued possessions

are my herd animals, on which our very lives depend. I have never married, I have no living family. I use animal hides for saddles , quivers for arrows,

body armor, and tallow for water-proofing leather and felt. I  have modest wealth in my cache of silks, fine stones and metal to adorn my work.


SCA History Timeline


Feb 2002         Snapdragon  (Dragonslaire 1st level service award)

Oct 2002         Snapdragon   (Dragonslaire 1st level service award)

Aug 2004        Wyvern   (Dragonslaire 2nd level service award)

Sep 2004         Award of Arms

Mar 2006         Goutte de Sang

Feb 2007         Became a member of House Wolfstan through an Oath of Fealty with Sir John at the Duramen Love Revel.



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