His Excellency Sir John Wolfstan



John Wolfstan’s Personna

My lady, Alyna Wolfstan, and I have two children, Christine Wolfstan and Isaac Wolfstan. We have a manor named Wolfstan Manor which is located along the Itchen River just north of Southampton, England in the year of 1482. Our major source of supplies and money is in the wool industry. We would transport our wool down the Itchen River to the English port of Southampton for trade and sell. The waterways were prone to attack, but fortunately for us I have a brother that is also a pirate. He is the Dread Pirate James Wolfstan and he would protect our shipments along the river. With Southampton being a major seaport, this allowed for the many styles of clothing ideas, cloth to make the clothing, spices, and knowledge of travels throughout the the known world. In our area, we were involved with the War of the Roses. This was a war between the House of Lancaster (Henry VI with the Red Rose as the symbol) and the House of York (Edward IV with the White Rose as the symbol). The current person on the throne is Edward IV with the House of York.  Click on the map below for 15th Century Maps (large file).

As a warrior, my main style of fighting is with heavy weapons, but I have had some experience with archery and thrown weapons. I have the following weapons abilites: longbow, throwing axes, throwing spears, fighting with spears, great axes, great swords, glaives, hand axes, maces, broadswords with shields both round, heater, and rectangle, dueling shields, as well as flourentine. My personal device is a silver wolf head that is erased and howling to the left side of the shield on top of a gold bend that is embattled/counterembattled on top of a shield that is halved vertically with blue on the right and red on the left. It is emblazoned as: per pale azure and gules, a bend embattled-counterembattled or, overall a wolf’s head erased contourney ouluant argent. (two renditions of this are below)

Our household badge is my howling wolf wearing an english tudor (double) rose about his neck on a fieldless background (fieldless devices can then be placed on any color background). This badge is a combination from both Alyna and my personal devices (see below).



Little John Link

the Inspiration for John's name and device



SCA History Timeline

Aug 1992        First found the SCA and fighting at “Shakespeare in the Park” held in Olympia, WA

Aug 1992        Attended Ducal War in Oregon and knew then that I wanted to fight
Sep 1992         Attended Autumn War and bought my helm (final piece needed to fight)
Sep 1992         Fought in my first fight practice
Jan 1993          Fought in my first tournament at Ursulmas (first fighting favor from Alyna was a black scarf tied to my right arm and

                                    remains attached continuously to date

Feb 1993         Finished my second suit of armor and bought my second helm (Great Helm to Burgonet)

Jun 1993          Became one of the first of the Sergeantry of Glymm Mere to Baroness Gwendolyn Fitzalan

Dec 1993         CoAutocrated Yule Feast in Glymm Mere.
Feb 1994         CoAutocratted (with Alyna) Court of Love in Glymm Mere
May 1994        Received the Order of the Crystal of Glymm Mere for service
May 1994        Received an Award of Arms from King Thorin and Queen Sineidin
Jun 1994          Met Earl Strider and Countess Kathryn at Glymm Mere Summer Seafood
Jul 1994           Camped with Earl Sir Strider and Countess Kathryn at July Coronation and fought as Squire for the Day to Earl Strider in the Squires


Aug 1994        Relinquished my Sergeantry of Glymm Mere belt to squire to Earl Strider (to avoid the conflicts associated with dual fealties)

Sep 1994         Squired to Earl Strider with additional fealty to Countess Kathryn at Sept Crown (held in Canada)


                                    Link to a page created for my Knight

                                         Earl Strider (click on the shield)



                        My Current device also registered that same month (had two returns-one year process).

Jun 1996          Earl Strider and Countess Kathryn were taking a break from the SCA and offered to foster the Squires out at that point.

                                    I asked to continue wearing my belt as his squire.

Sep 1996         Modern commitments caused a break in the SCA and I only occasionally fought (once every couple months and only 2 or 3

                                     events per year) for the next 4 years

Sep 2000         Started back into serious fighting mode starting the Wednesday following Sep Crown
Mar 2001         3rd suit of body armor completed (1st suit—16g plate steel, 2nd suit—riveted plastic, 3rd suit— curboilled leather plates

Nov 2002        1 of 3 first people to receive the first household award of the “Chain Gang”  (pendant is a broken chain)

Jun 2004          Received the Order of the Snapdragon for service in the Barony of Dragonslaire
Jul 2004           Asked to be a Guard to Her Majesty Queen Dagmaer
Jan 2005          Received the Goutte de Sang from King Thorin and Queen Dagmaer
Jan 2005          Received the Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Dagmaer
Jan 2005          (Ursulmas)-Placed on vigil to be knighted at May Crown by HRM Skeggi
May 2005        (May Crown)-Knighted at evening court.
Jun 2006          inducted into the Order of the Wyvern (Dragonslaire baronial service).
Jul 2007           Received the Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Signy

Sep 2007         Won Dragon’s Laire’s Heavy Championship tournament at Last Chance

Jan 2008          Membership within the newly formed tournament company, Company of the Shattered Lance. 

                                    Elected as the quartermaster of the Company.

Jan 2010          Captain of the Guard for TRMs Owain and Wrenn

Mar 2010         Received the Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Wrenn

Jul 2010           Received the King’s Favor from His Majesty King Owain

Jul 2010           Received the title of Baron of the Court from TRMs Owain and Wrenn, July Coronation

Nov 2010        Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Miranda

Aug 2011        Golden Torc, Three Mountains baronial service award  




John’s New Grill by Master Sigmund (Vrin Thomas)—Jan 2010



 John’s Knighting—May Crown 2005



Shattered Lance Tournament Company—Jan 2008



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