Baron Rand of Dunbar 

Squired to Sir Kevin Peregrynne

Knight - Pelican



Known Awards (From West/Atlantia Kingdom Awards List):

    Award of Arms (06/22/1974)

    Knight (09/27/1975)

    Queen's Cypher (01/04/1976) [Lorna]

    Dolphin of Caid (06/02/1979)

    Award of the Undine (Atlantia) (4/27/1985)

    Companion of the Sable Blade (Atlantia) (Black Diamond) (5/18/1985)  

    Baron (06/29/1985)

    Companion of the Silver Chalice (Atlantia) (Black Diamond) (8/31/1985)

    Rose Leaf (01/27/1990)

    Pelican (05/28/1993)





none available



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