Viscount William of Briardust

Squired to Sir Kevin Peregrynne




Known Awards (From West Kingdom Awards List):

    Award of Arms (10/07/1978)

    Knight (05/02/1981)

    Silver Mantle (10/01/1981)

    Viscount (11/13/1982)

    Commendabilis (10/06/1984)

    Royal Missile Company/Grant (08/24/1985)



(links are to Kingdom of the West's photos):
October Crown Tournament (October 4, 1981, AS XVI)
June Crown Tournament (June 19-20, 1982, AS XVII)
Mists Spring Investiture (May 1, 1983, AS XVIII)
Oldtimer's Tournament -- Caldarium (May 19, 1990, AS XXV)



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