Countess Battista de Lagos

(also known as Battista de Kie del Goya da Lagos)

Squire to Sir Michael San Sever



Known Awards (From Caid Kingdom Awards List):    

    Award of Arms  ( 06/29/1991)

    Queen's Rapier [Ansteorra]  (04/10/1993)

    Caid Rapier Open Champion  (09/071996)

    Duellist  (10/12/1996)

    Argent Fret (Teaching in Rapier) [Barony of Altavia]  (05/17/1997)

    White Scarf  (09/07/1997)

    Sable Fret [Barony of Altavia]  (05/16/1998)

    Queen's Champion (Rapier){Anastasiia}  (06/07/1998)

    Golden Oleander  (02/19/2000)

    Sigillum Regis(Queen) {Edric II}  (06/03/2000)

    Countess (06/03/2000)

    Order of the Rose  (06/03/2000)

    Legion of Courtesy  (06/04/2000)

    Corde de Guerre  (08/17/2000)

    Nordhrband [Middle/Northshield]  (11/10/2001)

    Sable Fret (Augmentation) [Barony of Altavia]  (05/15/2005)

    Sable Fret (Augmentation) [Barony of Altavia]  (04/29/2006)

    Dolphin   (06/10/2006)





44th Queen of Caid with Edric Aaron Hartwood, 11/20/1999-06/03/2000.

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