The Honorable Lady Katerina von Altenstein




Katerina von Altenstein’s Personna


My name is Katerina (Magdalena) von Altenstein
I was born Magdalena, in 1325 at the winter encampment of my mother's people. My mother is a member of the Romani.
My father brought me to Lubeck in my 9th year. My father re-named me Katerina to honor his esteemed mother who no longer walked this earth.
I have two daughters Sybil & Gosser. I currently work with my father in his shipping ventures.


SCA History Timeline

Jul 2003    After attending June Faire, my family and I became members of the SCA
Dec 2003    became Deputy Chatelaine of Dragon's Laire
Aug 2004    received Snapdragon (Dragon's Laire) By: Hrollaugr Njálsson, Murakami Tsuruko

Nov 2004    swore fealty to Earl Sir Strider the Persistent of Duramen and became member of House Persistent

Dec 2004   received Snapdragon (Dragon's Laire) By: Hrollaugr Njálsson, Murakami

May 2005    received my AoA at May Crown

Jun 2005   received a Snapdragon by Baron Hroulg Nilson and Baroness Murakami Tsuruko of Dragon's Laire

Sep 2005    released from fealty to Earl Strider and placed it with Sir John at Sept Crown.
Jan 2007    was admitted to the order of the Goutte de Sang at 12th Night.
Jun 2007    was admitted to the Order of the Wyvern at Junefaire.
Jul 2007    Received the Forget-Me-Not from Her Majesty Queen Signy.



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